Saturday, December 13, 2008

US :)

the 3 charlies angels outside my house:)
i miss u girls dearly!!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

a reminder?

i just woke's 10.30pm.
to be exact my friend woke me up as i was supposed to study...
but there's a tugging and an easy feeling in my heart...
what if He said it's enough???

i've been complaining and complaining and comparing...
man! it's enough!!!
Why am i not grateful for wht i have?
what more do i want?
who do i think i am to deserve all this if it wasnt for Him..


Sunday, August 24, 2008

feeling up and down

excited ...coz i got to meet some people who are dear to me this week!!!!:)

sad, coz this is my last week in penang :(
Seremban!:( my good friends are not's a total change for me! change of environment, change of lifestyle to a certain extend......
Lord ,i surrender my 2.5 years to come to you...
i will go by faith:)

He is my papa!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


i wanto go back for my convo!
i wanto see all my friends i miss m106!!!i miss the gang!!!


i have things to attend to in pg
i barely spend time at home
i dont know how to come back? hahaha

please help me!!!!:(

Friday, July 18, 2008

hie from dublin!

hello from dublin!!! just got here last night!
weather here is fantastic!!!

was in london for 4 day

to be continue ....
going for dinner now!!!
it's 9.10 pm already!!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


life is full of changes

changes i do not like.
well, shouldnt i be happy to be home?
yes i am

but ....

i miss my friends
friends which i have known for 2.5 years
i wish i did more...
i wish i spent more time with some of them...
i wish i gotten to know them more...


it was a great 2.5 years indeed!:) i love my batchmatesss!!!

i am going to europe wahahah!!!!!:)thank u thank u ping may,xinc, weilyn for those painstalking hours ,days weeks, months to plan and execute the plan-europe here we come!!!
departing on: sunday 13.july:)wee!!!!

God is great lah!really he is!!!He has blessed me with so many things !!!

i am really amazed with my train of thoughts man!'s every where!hahaha...
:p dont laugh at me pls:)

Monday, May 19, 2008

hello blog

i wish i could
i wish i knew Nike says" just do it! "keke
i am person who will only do when i know how to do it..well, i think it's different when it comes to well i will just try try n try again.
so here i am..
just finished CNS exam..not just but kinda la last fri ma..
m home!!!:)it's always good to be home! family keeps me sane:)
aiyoo...but my momentum to study sudah turun bah....:(

God is good ,all the time:) it's really nice to see my family again, have meals with them..go out jalan jalan... i love my bro n sis!!!!wohoo.....old town, late nights mcD keke....

going bk to kayEll tmrw....:) why m i so happy????coz we are going to have a scrumptous meal at jogoya~!!!!:) wahahaha....